cute wars

Game by Axelerum

Cute Wars is an online puzzle game where cats and dogs will fight an epic battle.



sound effec

sound effects


We had to develop three original songs and over thirty sound effects for this cute little project.

The intro song had to accompany the historical rivalry between the two tribes illustrated in the video, with an epic twist. The sound effects were fundamental to give intensity to this introduction.

We had to develop a song that would illustrate this cute war in the age of stones, in the Roman empire and in the old west! I hope we have succeeded!

For theme songs and gameplay, our concern was to create an experience that did not become repetitive for the player, so we invested in a very dynamic and fun song. In this way, we hope that every time the player faces a match he notices something different in the song.

Our main concern with sound effects, in addition to producing engaging and fresh sounds, was the implementation. In this way, we try to emphasize relevant sounds to the gameplay and to avoid that the sonorous experience becomes exhausting.