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orby lander

by Neptune Lab

Orby is a carismatic spaceship that has been given the mission to travel through the Solar System and collect the crystals of knowledge.



sound effec

sound effects


In this project, we had the task to represent musically the personality of our solar system planets, keeping the atmosphere of joy and discovery that this educational game brings.

We had to assign to the planets different sonic personalities, without forgetting to maintain the fast paced rhythm of exploration, joyfull and adventure that the gameplay asks for. For example, we emphasized the organic side of Earth with a chorus and an acoustic instrument - the guitar - , as it is the only planet to receive the miracle of life. For gaseous planets, like Saturn, we decided to create a turbulent enviroment,  because the wind element is generally atributed to chaos and instability.

Besides the beeps and mechanical sounds attributed to the robotic charismatic protagonist and the enviroment sounds atributed to the planets, we had to develop dynamic sound effects that adapted to the actions of the player. For example, the jetpack sound would have to be always in transformation to avoid that the player becomes annoyed.

Another example of the dynamic implementation is the recharge sound that has a variable duration and pitch depending on the player, so we decided to add before and after sound triggers to smooth the transitions.